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Jade Beaumont Xavier Jade12

Name: Jade Beaumont Xavier

Age: 24 (DOB- 5/12/1994)

Sex: Female

Family: Father-Wesley Beaumont (deceased-8/10/2007); Mother-Katherine Beaumont-Xavier (deceased 8/10/2007); Uncle-Charles Xavier

Mutant abilities:

  • mental scanning

  • telepathic cloaking

  • telepathic communication

  • mental control

  • mental linking

  • mental possession

  • mental sedation

  • mental detection

  • memory manipulation


  • telekinetic shield creation

  • telekinetic blasts

  • telekinetic weaponry

Appearance: Anyone who knew Jade’s mother always comments on how much she looks like her mother. Jade stands at 5’7” with chestnut colored hair that falls below her shoulders. Her eyes are mostly grey (like her mother’s) but have a few specks of green, which she got from her father. Her skin is ivory in color and cheeks and lips have a natural rosy hue. She has two tattoos. One is on her right wrist and is the date of her parent’s deaths (8/10/2007). The other is of an owl with its wings outspread on her upper back, her unofficial symbol.

Personality: Jade is friendly and extremely protective of those she cares about. She has a particular soft spot in her heart for her uncle, Charles Xavier, who took her in and became her legal guardian after the death of her parents. She is very intelligent and a bit of a perfectionist. She is quite logical, though she can let her emotions get the better of her at times. She can also be strangely spontaneous from time to time. She cares deeply about the younger students at the school and many view her as a mentor.

Background: Jade was born in London to Wesley and Katherine Beaumont. Katherine was the younger sister of Professor Charles Xavier and was a mutant herself with the ability to generate and control fire. Wesley, a London native, met Katherine in Westchester, NY and the two immediate fell in love. Wesley was not a mutant himself but respected Katherine’s abilities and hated watching how mutants were treated. Wesley was a politician in London and decided to advocate for mutant rights. He and Katherine married a year after they met and Jade was born two years later in London. Jade spent the early part of her life in both London and New York and no one was sure at first if Jade would have mutant abilities herself.

On August 10, 2007 her parents left her with her nanny at their home and headed off to a party. Around 11 pm, as they were getting into their car to head home there was a huge explosion as a bomb under their car was detonated and both were killed instantly. The  suspect was later caught and revealed to be a mutant hater who disliked the pair for their work towards equality for mutants.

Jade was sent to live with her uncle at his special school in New York and he became her legal guardian. Rather quickly he began to sense her newly surfaced mutant abilities which had been brought forth by the tremendous stress and grief she had been going through. He worked closely with her to uncover all of her gifts and to teach her how to properly control them. Jade learned quickly and as she grew older he began to allow her to teach others. Jade grew very close to her uncle and he soon began to entrust her with other duties around the school. Once she was old enough and strong enough he began to teach her how to use Cerebro.

Jade recently graduated from NYU with a degree in political science.


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