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Name: James Calmara

Age: 23 (DOB- 17/08/1995)

Sex: Male

Family: Father-Jonel Calmara, Mother-Rebecka Calmara, Brother-Aaron, Sister-Katie

Mutant abilities: Electrokinesis



Ball Lightning

Appearance: Standing 5'11" with permanent tanned skin and deep black hair are clear markers of his heritage, that and a stocky  build that points to a active lifestyle and a semi manual working background

Personality:  As a person James has an easy going manner, which is a product of his long taught and held respect of his environment and the people who inhabit that environment,  he accepts change as apart of life but will not rush or force that change on those who are not ready for it, he has an empathy for those who are struggling with power or abilities and, driven by his own experiences feels a deep seated need to read her out to those in mutenkind and try and help them.

Background: Born late 90s to a Native American father and a Caucasian mother, James was the oldest of three, having both a younger brother and younger sister soon after, the closeness in age meant when they got on they were thick as thieves but when they fell out things got messy.

James was the only one of three to fully embrace his father's native background, the respect for persons and his environment, although he also had a love for mechanical things and from his early teens struggled with an apparent clash that created.

He was bright enough and determined enough to attain grades that got him into MIT, studying electro - mechanical engineering. His abilities began to manifest in small ways about this time, moments of reflection and contemplation the occasional power dips in electronic or electrical systems, moments of stress and agitation the occasional 'runaway' or surge.

During a trip home for a holiday break, an argument with his siblings caused a major display of his powers, a terrified young man saught advice but ultimately ran away, seating a lonely place he found his way to Iowa working as a farm hand. It was here he encountered a pair of strangers who passed though regularly and always seemed to want to talk, talks of mutants although unerving made sense and the school they mentioned intriguing.

He joined them, giving it six months to see how he felt, the acceptance was the first thing James noticed, the emphasis on respect for both mutankind and mankind, and the space to manage and develop his powers. He chose to stay on using his knowledge and skills in maintaining equipment used by the xmen, while becoming more and more familiar with the identification and contacting of mutants and soon became involved in the process.


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