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Kaia Novak Kaia_n11

Name: Kaia Novak

Age: 17 (DOB- 11/21/2001)

Sex: Female

Family: Father-Wyatt Novak (deceased-3/19/2014); Mother-Valentina Garcia (location unknown)

Mutant Abilities:
Energy Manipulation-
• energy orbs
• energy blasts
• energy shields

Appearance: Kaia is of half Latina descent and has a more olive skin tone with a trace of freckles over the bridge of her nose. She has wide, dark brown eyes and her hair is dark brown, almost black and is naturally curly. At 5’5” she is petite in stature, but she is stronger than she first appears. She has scars and other unusual marks on her body from fighting and from physical abuse.

Personality: Kaia is extremely untrusting towards everyone. She has learned through bad experiences that to trust is to become vulnerable. She has hardened herself over the years, though deep inside she remains vulnerable.

Background: Kaia was born in Harlem to an 18 year old mother on a cold fall night. Her mother worked as a waitress and her father worked as a mechanic, when he was sober enough to work. Her father was a drunk and a drug addict and one of Kaia’s earliest memories was of her father beating her mother in the living room. Her parent’s were unmarried and Kaia had been an unwanted pregnancy and Wyatt often blamed Valentina for getting pregnant. Kaia learned it was best to remain quiet in the apartment and to try not to draw attention to herself.

However, when Kaia was 11 her mother decided enough was enough and left Wyatt, but she left Kaia as well. Kaia’s father then turned his anger towards her and began to beat and sexually assault her. For over a year this went on until one night Kaia’s anger finally burst through, resulting in the appearance of her powers. She produced an energy blast so powerful that it threw her father through the kitchen window and he fell three stories to the ground where he was killed instantly. The official cause of death would later be considered accidental because his blood alcohol level was so high.

Kaia fled and was soon discovered by the Brotherhood. She was taken in and given food and shelter. Eric did his best to try and teach Kaia how to control her powers, but because they were still developing and growing in strength it was nearly impossible. Kaia did her best, but there were often instances of her losing control of her powers in public. As Kaia grew older, Eric began to use her more and more and lied to her about his true intentions. When Kaia was 16 she finally had enough of being used and lied to and she left the Brotherhood and began living on the streets in an abandoned building. Kaia quickly learned to fend for herself by stealing and pick-pocketing.


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